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Environmental Cleaning Solutions S.A. (ECSSA) operates a material recovery facility based in Port au Prince, Haiti which collects recyclable products; specifically PET, HDPE, LDPE, Tin, OCC, and Aluminum. Our goal is to collect over 80 tons of solid waste per day.

At the heart of ECSSA, it is a recycling center.  Most don’t think of collecting trash as changing a nation but we believe it does.  Beyond the bags full of bottles and plastics are people.  Because of what ECSSA is doing, collectors are capable of increasing their income which allows them to send their kids to school, feed their children, and have hope for a better life. All meanwhile, the environment in Haiti continues to improve as waste is removed from the streets. This is why ECSSA is not just a recycling center, it’s a company changing a nation.

Our History:

ECSSA was started in 2010 after founder Edouard Carrie dived into a recycling project while studying at the University of Tampa.  After seeing the potential recycling could have on his home nation, he started ECSSA.  In a short time, ECSSA has grown from a handful of suppliers to an internationally recognized company employing thousands of Haitians with jobs.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple: to change a nation through recycling.  Through the focus of the first stage of the recycling process, ECSSA is not only able to help the environment through the cleanup of Haiti but also gives hope to thousands of people that can make a living through recycling with ECSSA.


The work Edouard Carrie has done through ECSSA has earned him the University of Tampa’s 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year as well as the honorable Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year in the Environment category for 2011.

The Process:

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